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“Since the class, my birth plan looks very different than from what it was with our previous babies.”

I was pregnant with my 4th baby, when I took the birthing class, second to having one without an epidural, and first non-hospital birth. My husband and I found the class extremely informative, even for us who had been through birth before. We found that there was a big difference between just going through labor, and actually understanding what all is going on with your body, as well as your baby’s. We learned a lot, and since the class, my birth plan looks very different than from what it was with our previous babies. Also, about Mrs. Shelly, I just want to say that she is a very loving, motherly type, that truly cares, and takes time to answer all your questions. She never made us feel like any questions we had were silly, and she encourages you to do what feels right for you. She is also an experienced mother herself, having gone through giving birth 14 times! That in itself should make any person want to hear her wisdom. I enjoyed the classes we took very much, enjoyed getting to meet others in the same phase of life, and walked away feeling much more prepared for bringing our baby into the world!

“ I learned so many hands on things for my own labor from Shelly's classes"

My husband and I attended Shelly's birthing classes back in 2020 when we were expecting our first baby. Shelly was great! She was outgoing and interactive with the class, she made sure to get to know everyone's name and had fun little games to break the ice. Even though my family had always birthed with midwives, and I was very comfortable with out-of-hospital births, I learned so many hands on things for my own labor from Shelly's classes. My husband was new to out-of-hospital births, and Shelly's information and training helped give him confidence to be the support partner I needed during labor.

“Shelly’s class gave my husband and I confidence”

Shelly’s class gave my husband and I confidence in our pursuit of an unmedicated labor with our first child. What we learned dispelled any fearful thoughts we had. I was never afraid during labor because I knew I was feeling exactly what I was supposed to. Even in a 38 hour labor, I was able to remain calm and confident, and I know that if something has gone “wrong” I would have made informed choices as Shelly had taught us to.
Candace B
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“When I told a friend that my Birthing instructor had 14 children, he simply said that she was unique. Indeed she is. Rather than being anxious, I felt complete confidence having a teacher who owned such a wealth of experience, experience leavened with training that she was taking her time to impart first-hand to us. Shelly demonstrated genuine care even before she met us, sending introductory emails on day 0 to welcome us to class. Then, on day 1 of class, I saw a glow that I still can't put my finger on. Her warm smile and gentle tone were all so soothing that my husband and I were simply free to take in all that Shelly was teaching us. We looked forward to every class. Even with my medical background, I learned things I never knew about the birthing process from Shelly. I read and re-read my notes from class- and I can say that I was very well prepared. So many amazing tidbits were received. Once our baby was born, Shelly was able to meet her. What a natural and a professional she is- she understood our infant's personality with a single embrace. God bless her generous and kind heart for helping so many women during what can be a very scary time. We were so very happy and continue be very grateful for her! Besides being a great in-person communicator, she is also amazingly efficient with emails, responding promptly to all my many questions in a timely manner. Look no further for all that you need in a superbly special instructor!”
Christina Mann
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"I took your birth class with my husband before the birth of my first son in April 2020. We were happy and comfortable with how you organized your presentation and information, and the time spent felt valuable at the end of the class. You also created credibility for me with your confidence and personal experiences. I would highly recommend your classes to expecting parents or any parent looking for extra knowledge and support going into a birth."
Caitlyn Moore
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"I have nothing but amazing things to say about Shelly’s birthing class. My husband was dreading going but ended up loving it, too. Shelly is an incredible communicator and kept both of our interest the entire time. I was most nervous about the actual labor part but felt so equipped after learning all of the tools from Shelly. Whether it’s your 1st baby or 10th baby, I’d recommend her class to every mama!"